Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lambadi Beach

Today I had the day off. We ended up heading to Lambadi Beach and staying most of the day. The beach is filled with vendors and acrobats. The acrobats do these amazing tricks and contortions with their bodies; it is like watching a cirque de soloeil show on the beach. I did see some surfing here, but not much. In addition, two of us were interviewed and filmed on the beach by some German company trying to promote their energy drink. I was interviewed in German and the other guy in English. It was a strange sight to see them handing out the energy drinks, they would give the Ghanaians sampler cups, while the white people got the full can. Don’t quite understand it why the Ghanaian distributors did that. After the beach, we headed to Osu district and then home. As we got to the hotel, all our power went off, so we waited for over an hour to get it back up. In addition, there has been a daily struggle with the shower, some days the water runs, some days it doesn’t. They had warned us of this ahead of time so we were prepared. When the water does run, the showers are simply a dribble of cold water. A couple of buckets are placed in the shower, these are both to fill and wash yourself with. I can’t wait to take a warm shower at home. Tomorrow will be heading to the Cape Coast for the day. We’ll be visiting the Cape Coast Castle, which was the slave trading fort during the British Colonial days.

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