Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jan 2, 2011
One week until I depart for Accra, Ghana. After all the preparations of immunizations, collecting eyeglasses and monetary donations, I am hoping I am set to go next week.
Today, I attempted to pack the 600 + sunglasses that I received from Tifosi Optics (Georgia). I soon realized I needed to buy a second bigger suitcase for all to fit. I found one that luckily was able to hold a big share of the glasses. So I have 2 huge suitcases, packed to the rim with glasses. I am hoping to squeeze my clothes in there somewhere ;).
This week I also received my schedule for Accra. I'll be working in Crystal Eye Clinic, Northwestern Eye Centre, along with outreaches to Jasikan. I land on Monday, January 10, and will begin work on Tuesday. Truly looking forward to it. I thank everyone for all the donations (Total $2130) for the eye care services while in Ghana and the donation from Tifosi Optics.

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